Some test instances I used in my papers

CVRP, Symmetric capacitated vehicle routing
ACVRP, Asymmetric capacitated vehicle routing
MCARP, Mixed capacitated arc routing
MOP, Membership Overlay Problem
2D cutting stock
Daily Car Pooling Problem
Long Term Car Pooling Problem
GAP, Generalized Assignment Problem

Symmetric capacitated vehicle routing

Name data (json)
mat179 mat179.json
mat344 mat344.json
mat382 mat382.json
mat544 mat544.json
mat827 mat827.json
mat980 mat980.json

Asymmetric capacitated vehicle routing

Name data (json)
Balman859-1000 To be linked
Balman859-2000 To be linked

Mixed capacitated arc routing

Name acvrp dat grf/txt/other
balman10 balman10.acvrp balman10.dat balman10.vrp
Balman20a Balman20a.acvrp Balman20a.dat Balman20a.grf
Balman20b Balman20b.acvrp Balman20b.dat Balman20b.grf
Balman20c Balman20c.acvrp Balman20c.dat Balman20c.grf
Balman20d Balman20d.acvrp Balman20d.dat Balman20d.grf
balman20_20 balman20_20.acvrp balman20_20.dat -
balman20_30 balman20_30.acvrp balman20_30.dat balman20_30.txt
balman20_40 balman20_40.acvrp balman20_40.dat balman20_40.txt
balman20_50 balman20_50.acvrp balman20_50.dat balman20_50.txt
Balman30a Balman30a.acvrp Balman30a.dat Balman30a.grf
Balman30b Balman30b.acvrp Balman30b.dat Balman30b.grf
Balman30c Balman30c.acvrp Balman30c.dat Balman30c.grf
Balman30d Balman30d.acvrp Balman30d.dat Balman30d.grf
Balman40a Balman40a.acvrp Balman40a.dat Balman40a.grf
Balman40b Balman40b.acvrp Balman40b.dat Balman40b.grf
Balman40c Balman40c.acvrp Balman40c.dat Balman40c.grf
Balman40d Balman40d.acvrp Balman40d.dat Balman40d.grf
Balman50a Balman50a.acvrp Balman50a.dat Balman50a.grf
Balman50b Balman50b.acvrp Balman50b.dat Balman50b.grf
Balman50c Balman50c.acvrp Balman50c.dat Balman50c.grf
Balman50d Balman50d.acvrp Balman50d.dat Balman50d.grf
balman80 balman80.acvrp balman80.dat -
Balman500 - -
C1 - - C1 (dcarp)
C2 - - C2 (dcarp)
R1 - - R1 (dcarp)
R2 - - R2 (dcarp)
R3 - - R3 (dcarp)

MOP, Membership Overlay Problem

Name a b
g50 g50a g50b
g100 g100a g100b
g250 g250a g250b
g500 g500a g500b
g750 g750a (ca. 10 Mb) g750b (ca. 10 Mb)
g1000 g1000a (ca. 20 Mb) g1000b (ca. 20 Mb)
All - All together (ca. 10 Mb)

2D cutting stock


Daily Car Pooling Problem
Instances of the paper BALDACCI R.; MANIEZZO V.; MINGOZZI A., An Exact Method for the Car Pooling Problem Based on Lagrangian Column Generation, «OPERATIONS RESEARCH», 2004, 52, pp. 422 - 439

Name data (zip)
Class A class A
Class B class B

Long Term Car Pooling Problem
Instances of the paper Maniezzo V.; Carbonaro A.; Hildmann H., An ANTS heuristic for the long-term car pooling problem, in: G.C. ONWUBOULU B.V. BABU, New Optimization Techniques in Engineering, HEIDELBERG, Springer Verlag, 2004, pp. 411 - 430

Name data (zip)
Set B set B
Set I set I